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Entrepreneurship and Professional Education

Kerala’s economy is essentially a wage economy. Entrepreneurship is restricted to trade, transport and tourism, all of which are low knowledge -intensive sectors. Recently, the government has started playing an active role in promoting entrepreneurial skills and infrastructure for encouraging start-ups. However, in a traditional economy that is stuck in low - productivity vicious circles, the government will need to address structural bottlenecks to change the attitude, values and perceptions of the people of Kerala, so as to promote entrepreneurship among them. Under the Student Entrepreneurship Scheme for the Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics in Kerala, 20 per cent attendance relaxation and 4 per cent grace marks are provided for students who pursue entrepreneurship and innovation during their studies. The government is also providing a built-up space of one lakh square feet for a Start-up Village, one of the first incubators in the country to come up in the public-private-pa…
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MBA in Finance vs M.Com - Which course is better?

MBA – Master of Business Administration

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree that is awarded to students who have mastered the study of business. The MBA degree is thought to be one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees in the world. Students of MBA programs study the theory and application of business and management principles. This type of study equips students with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of real world business situations.

M. Com – Master in Commerce

M.Com will help graduates after B.Com to develop in-depth knowledge in areas like accounting, finance, etc. With a degree in M.Com, students will be able to find employment as qualified accountants. M Com programme is less expensive as compared to MBA and many of the companies prefer M Com candidates to MBA.

MBA vs M Com

Very costlyNot in depth knowledge in finance and AccountingCan easily enter in to the managerial positions after the completion of the course.Students from …

The 7 habits of highly effective people

Hello Folks,
Being an English Language and Soft Skills trainer at one of the Top Colleges in Kerala - De Paul Institute of Science and Technology (DiST), I educate and train Undergraduates as well as Post Graduate students, but a recurring question brews up in my mind - “Is there something wrong with our students “. Through my interactions with students I came to realize, the lack of good habits are the shackles that grip them back. Thus, I decided to write my first blog about one of my favorite books on habits.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
“We need strong habits in our lives in order to achieve greatness”
Aristotle once said “we are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”
This book is published in 1988 and is a business and self-help book. The book first introduces the concept of paradigm shift and helps the reader understand that different perspectives exist, i.e. two people can see the same thing and yet differ with…

Top 6 Reasons to Do an MBA

Triple bottom line for sustainability: The role of government, corporate & non profit sectors